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Torbay Towbars 07774 600119

Torbay Towbars is a mobile tow bar fitting service, based in Paignton, Devon, with many years experience in the business. Although we have been static, as in under one roof, but we fancied hitting the roads of South west area again and judging by the unanimous approval of our "regulars" it was the right move. So we are poised and ready to come to you.

Our price list is based on our set areas; in short, all areas of the South West

Having identified some forty odd Grey/Special Imports, we can source tow bars for just about all of them, they being, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Toyota, Isuzu, Nissan the list goes on and is being added to daily. If you have one of these unusual vehicles and need to tow, give us a call, we turn away very few.

Not all of the areas of the South West are well covered by mobile telephones, so please be patient, your call is important to us, and we will get back to you.

All Enquiries. are first given a price for supply and fitting of a Towsure tow bar, in our experience theirs is the least expensive, if they do not cover your model, we then quote a Witter tow bar, theirs is a much bigger range, but a little more expensive. For detachable tow bars we would usually quote Bosal, a comprehensive range, but the price is quite a bit more..

If you would like a free no obligation quote please fill in our enquiry form.

Fitting Tow Bars is our business, all and any; that includes any tow bar supplied by yourself, either new or used, but buyer beware, it is your responsibility to make sure you supply us with the correct tow bar. A tow bar for a Renault Megan does not fit a Ford  Mondeo, even though the nice man at the scrap yard gave you his assurance that it would.

Some Fitters in the trade are offering to solder the electrical joints when fitting tow bars, for about twenty quid more. To our certain knowledge no car manufacturer in the world has used soldered joints in their cars for at least 30 years (might there be something the manufacturers don't know?). There is nothing wrong with solder, just so long as the flux is scrupulously cleaned away, not an easy task on a wiring loom, if not, you'll be paying our friends twenty quid more just to rot your loom for you, and yes, we have seen the results of some very shoddy work.

Whilst we would love to give you a timed appointment, due to the distances we have to travel across the South Weat, what with road works, traffic and ferries we have to work a rather flexible time table, but we will always endeavour to be as punctual as possible, once more your patience is requested.